Pet Friendly Fabric

For all you pet lovers out there – whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, alpacas, birds, reptiles – do you yearn to live a more harmonious life when it comes to balancing a beautiful interior with an environment thats also perfect for your favourite four (or two) legged friends? Take a look at our collections of fabrics below that are not only gorgeous, but are also pet friendly.

What do we mean by pet friendly? We use the term ‘friendly’ rather than ‘proof’. Essentially what we are looking for in a fabric to be pet friendly is one that won’t harbor lingering smells; can withstand some light scratching; is easy to remove pet hairs from; and is machine washable.

We have plenty of perfect pet friendly fabrics to choose from. See below for our extensive collections, think also about styling your dog and cat beds into your interior by purchasing enough fabric to cover both your furniture and theirs. For further information check out our recent pet friendly blog post here Pet Friendly Fabrics