Koto is a luxuriously weighted cotton mix flat weave. A beautiful patterned fabric offered in a range of striking colours, from paler neutral tones through to strong shades of pinks, oranges and blues. This a great choice for a modern and bright ambiance. Koto is a predominantly cotton mixed fabric with a touch of polyester, the polyester adding to the durability of the cloth.

Koto is suitable for a range of purposes in the home from light use upholstery items like a bedroom chair, through to headboards, footstools and scatter cushions. The heavier weight of Koto makes it an ideal choice for fabulously weighted curtains and blinds.

Cottons are a great choice for reupholstery given its breathable and durable nature. Heat and moisture are conducted away from your skin, making it a particularly comfortable place to sit on warmer climes. Heavier cottons resist pilling and are particularly enduring.

Koto scores 20,000 on the Martindale test. This means it is suitable for domestic use in the home. The Martindale test is essentially a process for scoring how durable fabrics are by seeing how much wear and tear they can take before there is a noticeable change in appearance.

Koto is dry clean only. Absorb any spills immediately. Regular care and attention will repay your furniture. Turning and plumping your cushions often is recommended, as is regular vacuuming with a hand held hoover.