Bilboa is a gorgeous range of plain fabrics, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Offered in a beautiful range of subtle shades, Bilboa is an ideal fabric choice for adding a touch of understated style to any environment.

Bilboa is a suitable for a number of uses in the home and outside. The beautiful muted colour palette offers a subtle range of shades. Bilboa will look beautiful in any environment, either indoors or out. As well as being ideal for outdoor furniture, scatter cushions and deck chairs, the fabric also lends itself  particularly well to blinds and curtains in the home.

A solution dyed acrylic is essentially a process of saturating each fibre and thread with the dye and so it’s almost impossible for the fabric colour to fade, meaning this is a perfect outdoor fabric with little risk of the colour fading in the sun.

Bilboa scores 20,000 on the Martindale test. This means it is suitable for domestic use and is not suitable for contract settings. The Martindale test is essentially a process for scoring how durable fabrics are by seeing how much wear and tear they can take before there is a noticeable change in appearance.

To keep your Bilboa clean, wipe away stains with a damp cloth and machine wash 30 degrees. For stubborn stains, bleach can be used at a solution of 1:10 bleach to water. The fabric will repay constant care and attention, and regular turning of cushions will greatly maintain the appearance of the fabric. Store away in the winter months and in other seasons too if there is a particularly miserable bout of weather.