Yes, and in fact we encourage this before buying fabric by the metre. Once fabric has been cut, we are unable to accept returns as at the point of cutting a piece it becomes a tailor-made item, personalised item.

The cost of producing samples runs into thousands of pounds every year. To help keep our fabrics prices competitive we charge for the production costs of samples to ensure that we can keep our overall prices down.

Ordering fabric

There really is no one size fits all answer here, everyone’s furniture is completely different and its impossible for us to say with any certainty as to how many metres your particular piece of furniture needs. As an absolute rough guide, your average 3-seater sofa requires around 18 metres to fully reupholster, a 2-seater would take around 14 metres, a normal one-seater armchair 8 metres and a wingback armchair 6 metres. Again, this is a completely rough guide and not intended to be something that you base your fabric purchase on. Consider checking with your local professional upholsterer or curtain maker before making a purchase.

We take minimum orders of 1 metre.

Fabrics are manufactured in what are called batches. Batches can produce anything between 50 metres to 1,000 metres. Within different batches of the same colour, there is the chance that there could be a small colour variation. This is because of the way fabrics are dyed, as it is never an exact science. Invariably this is not a problem, the variation can be so small that it often isn’t noticeable. However, if you have received a sample from us and require the closest match possible, please email us or call us on 01477 537347 and we will discuss the options with you.

Fabric characteristics

Pile pressure is a disturbance in the pile which can present as the fabric having discoloration and can misleadingly present as wear, but in reality it is the pile lying flat. Pile pressure is a fabric characteristic, mainly found in chenille’s and velvets. It is not a fault but an inherent part of the fabric make-up.

This all depends on the fabric you decide to buy. Some ranges are incredibly delicate and wouldn’t even survive a few drops of water, whilst others are what we like to call our magic fabrics where you can literally wipe away a sharpie scribble with nothing more than a damp cloth! Details on how to care for each collection can be found on the individual fabric pages, and of course you can always drop us a call or an email to talk through your choices before you buy.

We use the term friendly, rather than resistant. And of course a lot can depend on how well trained your pets are! For example, is your dog allowed on the sofa? And if they are not allowed, do they still sneak on? A flat weave is easier to maintain when it comes to hoovering off pet hairs, as is a velvet or shorter piled chenille. We’d suggest that fabrics with a large looped pile, such as a boucle, would be terrible if you have a cat that loves to scratch at furniture, whereas something flatter would fare better.  Check out our blog post on pet friendly fabrics for further details and some recommendations.

Fire Retardancy

The Furniture and Furnishings Regulations 1988 (Fire Safety) sets out the standards for UK upholstery. The standards test how quickly fire will spread on a particular piece of fabric and dictates what level of fire retardancy/resistance (FR) a piece of fabric requires, depending on its use.

Some fabrics are inherently FR, such as wools. Other ranges come with FR as standard whilst others require a back coating applied by us – this is where you will see the different price points.

Fabrics used in homes for curtains or soft furnishings do not require any FR. Upholstery or large and/or fixed furnishings in the home require FR at ‘domestic’ level. For commercial premises a higher standard than that of domestic is required which is called contract FR.


Samples and accessories will be posted out next working day, but fabric pieces will take a little longer. Once we receive your order you will receive an email detailing when you can expect your fabric to arrive – we aim for most orders to be with you within two weeks, but some fabrics might take a little longer. It can take around an extra two weeks if you need FR coating applying.

Delivery for samples is free. For fabric lengths there is a standard charge of £9.99 for order under £300 with free delivery on all orders over £300

Still have

Get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to chat through any queries you have.