Abundant Easy Clean Fabric

Do you have a young family? Dogs & cats, or friends that spend hours drinking red wine in your home. As we all know, accidents happen. If you have a particularly busy house have a think about the fabric you need in your life. We have a busy home with two kids and two dogs, so our sofas can get more wear in a year than somebody living a less hectic life gives theirs in five years. In our busy home, the fabric on our upholstery must be a seriously high functioning piece of fabric to retain that clean and new aesthetic.

Over the past few years, the performance levels of fabrics have improved dramatically. First from the increase in the prevalence of polyester woven fabrics; latterly in the introduction of a new easy clean technology. With the combined use of both, the result is that upholstery is looking better for longer.  

Sofa in Swish Carrot – an easy clean fabric

Easy clean fabrics are a new and exciting innovation to hit the world of upholstery fabrics. The fabric is treated with brand new technology that covers every single part of the fibre, as opposed to a guard sitting on top of a fabric, thus preventing dirt and stains from penetrating into the fabric. Essentially, easy clean fabrics have the technology that allows you to literally wipe away most stains with cold water and a damp cloth. There is literally nothing better for a high traffic, busy household filled with kids and pets. 

In years gone by, a mark or stain on your upholstered sofa and chairs could have easily signaled the end of days for it. No amount of wiping or cleaning could rid your beloved piece of furniture of that pesky food stain or that one too many glasses of red wine you had last Friday night spilling it all over your beautiful upholstery. Ouch. Choosing an easy clean fabric for your sofa means that you can now easily remove the majority of household stains including sauces, yoghurt, mud, wine, using nothing but a damp cloth. An easy clean fabric basically makes a busy and hectic life that little bit easier, freeing your time up to spend on other far more important things. 

So, what do you do when your brand-newly upholstered sofa, covered in easy clean, has been delivered and the worst happens – a glass of red wine is spilled all over your seat cushions? 

Well firstly don’t panic. It couldn’t be simpler to remove stains from an easy clean fabric and takes just three easy steps.

1/ Firstly, assess the damage. Depending on what the problem is:

a/ For bulky substances such as jam, mud or yogurt, carefully scrape away the excess residue using a clean blunt implement, for example a kitchen spatula.

b/ For liquid stains, like wine, soak up as much as you can with a clean damp cloth by gently dabbing the problem until you have removed the bulk of the spill. 

2/ And this is where the magic happens… With our easy clean fabrics you will find in the majority of cases a little water is all you need to activate the technology. With a clean cloth soak up some water and squeeze it over the stain – this starts the chemical prosses and this alone can often evaporate the stain as water is dropped on. 

Swish Collection – Easy Clean Chenilles

Depending on how stubborn the stain, depends on how much water you need and how vigorously you need to rub the fabric. Don’t be scared of putting some elbow grease in when it come to the rubbing – the fabric is made of tough stuff. Use circular motions and repeat the process, if needed, until the stain is removed completely. For particularly tough stains, use a little mild cleaning detergent and repeat the process of rubbing with a clean cloth or sponge. 

3/ The cleaned area will now be damp. Pad it with a clean cloth until you have soaked up any remaining excess water. Then sit back and wait for it to dry and your sofa will be as good as new. 

We can’t promise this is the magical answer to every stain (we haven’t tested with engine oil for example!) but the majority of household stains can be easily cleaned away. I was stunned when I saw it for the first time and now our home is fully converted, we can sleep tight in the knowledge when that dreaded accident does happen, all will be well. 

Pros – amazing technology means the majority of stains can be wiped away. Perfect for busy households, high traffic areas and contract settings.

Cons – Since this is brand new technology, the selection of fabrics is a little limited and tend to be offered as plains. 

Abundant Collection – Easy Clean Chenilles

Weave offers a handful of collections with this excellent easy clean technology – Abundant and Swish. Both are chenilles and are available in an excellent range of colours, from neutral creams and greys right through to vibrant shades of reds, blues and oranges. Whilst here at Weave we offer a wide range of fabrics that are machine washable, easy clean fabrics really come into their own on large fixed upholstery items. The fabric is soft and sumptuous and is ideal for a number of purposes in the home and in contract settings including fixed upholstery for sofas & chairs, curtains & blinds, soft furnishings, loose covers and scatter cushions. Take a look at our beautiful easy clean fabrics here.